Teaching Artistry

Citizen Artist Mission Statement

I want to empower others to question the world around them and open their eyes to their own ability to create change through art. 

In addition to Frankie’s passion for performance, she has a significant amount of experience as a teaching artist and places great value upon working with the next generation of creators. Recently, Frankie has directed and served as an Acting Coach at Random Farms Kids’ Theater and assistant directed/choreographed for Children’s Theatre Company, New York City. Her teaching journey started at Rhode Island Youth Theater, directing and choreographing multiple main stage children’s productions over a span of several years. Previously, in addition to performing with Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Frankie had the opportunity to teach with their educational outreach program, Shakespeare’s Playground.  Frankie has also worked at Dreamland Film and Performing Arts Center in Nantucket as the Director of the Young Actors Theater Company (ages 6-9), Choreographer/ Assistant Director for the Main Stage (ages 6-14) and Choreographer/ Assistant Director/ Mentor for the Senior Company Master Class (ages 14-19). In the spring of 2015, as part of a service- learning program through The University of Western Cape, Frankie spent six months in South Africa taking classes and teaching sixth grade at Hlengisa Secondary Primary School in Nyanga. She was able to use art as a vehicle to stimulate conversations about passions, goals, confidence and self-advocacy. Being welcomed into the Nyanga community allowed Frankie to not only support the students but also to learn firsthand about the atrocities of the apartheid and the strength and commitment to continue working towards equality. 

Hlengisa Secondary Primary School

Nyanga, South Africa (2015)

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